David W. Covington is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to building a caring crisis system. A system that provides those in crisis someone to call, someone to come, and a safe place to go. David is a partner at Behavioral Health Link (BHL), President and CEO of RI International (RI), and founded Crisis Now Academy and Five Lanes Crisis Partners.

Behavioral Health Link

David is a partner at Behavioral Health Link (BHL). BHL assists states, agencies and other stakeholders in the development of customized software solutions to address their community’s mental health needs. BHL has experience operating a state-wide crisis line, as well providing mobile team support throughout rural or urban areas.

Crisis Now Academy

David founded the Crisis Now Academy think tank that supports the creation of next-level solutions to a multitude of mental health, substance use, IDD and/or suicidal crises systems challenges. Based on Crisis Now Model, their national thought leaders create videos, tools and products, many of which we’ve shared open source in the public domain (CrisisNow.com) and we host 988 and Crisis Learning Community video calls.

RI International

David is the President and CEO of RI International (RI). RI is a non-profit organization that has been providing crisis and recovery services since 1990. The company has over 50 different programs in Arizona, California, Delaware, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington State. RI also provides training to mental health peer support specialists and has certified over 15,500 peers around the world since 2000.

Five Lanes Crisis Partners

David founded Five Lanes Crisis Partners. Right now there are people silently battling life’s challenges who are desperately in need of crisis care and don’t know where to go. Our Five Lanes Crisis Partners provide someone to call, someone to come and a safe place to go.

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