Press Releases


March 14, 2017 – CrisisTech 360 Enables Crisis Leaders to Think, and Manage, by Numbers joint venture of RI International and Behavioral Health Link (Read more here)

November 11, 2016Crisis Now: What Makes Arizona Different Video highlights Arizona’s revolutionary mental health crisis services (Read more here) (Also, see blog)

November 2, 201624/7 Mental Health Urgent Care Opens in Palm Springs funded by Riverside University Health (Read more here)

November 1, 2016Partners in Recovery (PIR) Ownership Dispute with JFCS, Marc Center & RI International (Read more here) (Also, see blog)

September 28, 2016Trillium Hosts Recovery Summit with RI International in Wilmington, North Carolina (Read more here)

August 2, 2016 – Delaware Crisis Center Grand Opening with Governor Markell, the Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and RI International (Read more here)