2016 TED-style TALK – Hanging on One More Moment: Using lessons from Fear Factor to challenge suicide as a choice and ponders whether everything we knew about suicide was wrong (also presented at Chicago American Association of Suicidology conference)

2016 TED-style TALK – National Council, Las Vegas. Borrowing from the theme of the animated movie Inside Out, what are the voices inside the behavioral health executive’s head, and what’s needed to succeed.

2015 TED-style TALK – National Council, Orlando, FL. In 2014, I challenged the myth of suicide as a choice. In 2015, contagiousness. The national media incited a full scale Ebola panic in 2014, but the science/facts of infection were ignored. What about suicide?

2014 TED-style TALK – National Council, Washington DC. Our understanding of suicide has changed dramatically over the past decade, and the firsthand experiences of those who have been there and research data suggest…everything we knew about suicide was wrong.

2014 Impact Award for Health IT – Since 2006, Behavioral Health Link has created an air traffic controller’s view, utilizing technology and the lessons of aviation safety to drive innovative solutions in crisis systems (National Council Excellence Awards).

2013 Missouri Coalition – Presented BH Version 3.0 on 50th anniversary of Community MH Construction Act. They represent my best ideas on the third revolution.

2013 Qualifacts User Conference – In Ft. Lauderdale to keynote on integrated care, health and wellness alongside National Council’s Kathy Reynolds.

2012 Belfast Contact NI – In Northern Ireland to keynote on Zero Suicide in Healthcare.

2011 TED-style TALK – National Council, San Diego, CA. The Zero Suicide in Healthcare philosophy challenges us to “raise the rails” and create safer places.

2011 AAS Interview – After her watershed panel on suicide attempt survivor support groups in Portland in 2011, Denise Pazur interviews me and champion Stephanie Weber.

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