Innovation Timeline


2018-08-02_10-41-34NASMHPD Annual Commissioners Meeting – With Dr. John Draper and Tom Betlach on Crisis Now and Retreat models of Urgent and Emergency Mental Health Care.

2018-07-19_23-26-201st Urgent & Emergency Mental Health Care Summit – With Dr. Caroline Dollery and the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).

2018-07-06_9-49-10National Rally to Prevent Suicide – Emcee for the first gathering on the steps of the US Capitol, with Congressman Don Beyer, over 500 supporters, and organization spearheaded by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and SAVE.

2018-07-06_9-40-28National Council for Behavioral Health Excellence Awards – Crisis Tech 360, a joint venture of BHL and RI International (Recovery Innovations) was the winner of the National Council Excellence in Technology award, sponsored by Qualifacts.


2017-12-20_20-38-29The Way Forward: Federal Action for a System That Works – Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee (ISMICC) Report to Congress: For All People Living With SMI and SED and Their Families and Caregivers.

2017-08-15_16-58-15Zero Applied: From Int’l Declaration to Local Action – More than 70 individuals from 15 nations participated in the Sydney IIMHL summit. In September 2017, this group published a document featuring key content from the event.

2017-08-04_17-53-46UK Guardian Long Read: A World Without Suicide – In August, featured in an article on “an ambitious initiative to reduce rates to zero” alongside leaders Kevin Hines, Thomas Joiner and incorporating The Bridge Documentary and HFHS.

2017-05-25_8-58-47Congressional Representatives Host Crisis Now Briefing – In May, participated in Washington DC update on transforming crisis services hosted by Reps. Napolitano (D) and Katko (R) with the National Action Alliance’s Dr. Jerry Reed and Colleen Carr.

2017-03-12_20-17-563rd Annual International Zero Suicide Summit – In February, hosted 15 nations in Sydney partnering with Suicide Prevention Australia and the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).


2016-10-02_16-45-43White House Making Health Care Better – Participated in final mental health event produced by the Obama Administration with panels on Zero Suicide and Lived Experience. At 4:21 mark I comment it’s a watershed moment for the industry.

2016-10-13_13-44-33#RoundWorld Tour 2016 – Circled the northern hemisphere in September with “Is Suicide Really a Choice?” presentations in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Oregon and “Yes, I can! What if Everyone Embraced Recovery?” in North Carolina.

zerosuicideSocial Work Podcast – Interview by Dr. Jonathan Singer for his popular all things social work website (practice, research, policy, education) on the Zero Suicide in Healthcare initiative. Downloaded over 40,000 times since 2016.

2016-03-02_16-23-24Crisis Now – With Dr. Mike Hogan, co-led the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Crisis Services Task Force, which published in March 2016 a white paper to transform crisis services to look more like emergency medical systems.

2016-03-11_15-08-52National Council Magazine – Editorial advisor for “Crisis to Recovery” special edition including multiple articles from the members of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Crisis Services Task Force.

2015-11-22_20-59-11Zero Suicide International Declaration – More than 50 individuals from 13 nations participated in the Atlanta IIMHL/IASP summit. In March 2016, this group published the call to action “An International Declaration for Better Healthcare.”

2016-02-18_17-46-36White House Men’s Health Summit – Participated in White House Dialogue on Men’s Health January 8, 2016, organized in part by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas (at left). Also, participated in a special event at the Department of Health and Human Services.


2015-11-22_20-58-42White House Suicide Prevention Global Summit – Spoke at the White House on October 9, 2015 on the topic of the Zero Suicide in Healthcare initiative. The Partnerships for Suicide Prevention event was hosted by Obama Administration officials.

2015-11-22_20-59-382nd Annual International Zero Suicide Summit – In September, hosted 13 nations in Atlanta partnering with the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP).

2015-04-29_23-12-23 abcRISE Award – In April, Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care recognized RI International’s “Arrow” Foster for his contributions to health, wellness and peer education generating meaning and purpose through a career ladder and options.

finalZero Suicide Update at the Pentagon – Alongside Dr. Mike Hogan and Universal Health Services’ SVP Karen Johnson presented to the National Action Alliance January 2015 Executive Committee meeting at the Pentagon.


2016-02-18_19-52-31White House Briefing on MH & Suicide Prevention – Participated in a special briefing and Q&A event at the White House on September 22, 2014 hosted by Obama Administration officials on mental health and suicide prevention.

2015-04-07_13-34-461st Annual International Zero Suicide Summit – In June, hosted four nations in Oxford UK, partnering with the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and Jerry Reed and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

10265604_10204207346852038_1414371797563785424_oNational Council Impact Awards – Behavioral Health Link was the winner in Excellence in Health IT and received a $10,000 award for its “Air Traffic Control” approach to crisis coordination and safety at the May event in Washington, DC.


Capture Phoenix Business Journal’s Health Care Heroes – David Covington was selected as a finalist for the Researcher/Innovator Award for outcomes dashboards, integrated health homes and suicide care programs.

2015-04-08_0-10-21Toward a Peer-Driven System FY2013 Plan – The Magellan Health clinical team for the Maricopa County RBHA designed and implemented a breakthrough plan for investing $27 million in Arizona state funds for peer and family roles.


Capture Council of State Governments Innovations – Magellan Health’s Programmatic Suicide Deterrent System selected as an innovations and transferability award national winner after Western Regional finals in Edmonton, Canada.

Capture Jed Foundation Evening of Infinite Possibilities – Magellan Health’s former CEO Rene Lerer honored in NYC with the Corporate Award for suicide prevention initiative, anti-bullying campaign and Hero Health Hire program.

Capture3National Council Magazine – Editorial advisor for “Suicide Prevention is Everybody’s Business: Not Another Life to Lose” special edition including Surgeon General’s revised National Strategy.

Capture Mental Health Weekly – Magellan Health’s Integrated Health Home project in Phoenix, Arizona was showcased in the Special Issue, Mental Health Innovations, “Arizona Co-located Care Models’ Whole Health Approach.”

CaptureNational Council Awards of Excellence – Magellan Health’s Programmatic Suicide Deterrent System was the winner in Excellence in Service Innovation and received a $10,000 award at the Chicago, Illinois event.


Capture International Association of Suicide Prevention – Magellan Health was a Peter Lee Good Practices in Suicide Prevention international award winners at the XXVI World Congress in Beijing, China.

2015-06-11_2-58-40Suicide Care in Systems Framework – Co-led with Dr. Mike Hogan, the Clinical Care & Intervention Task Force published this National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention road map for the Zero Suicide in Healthcare initiative.

CaptureArizona Governor Jan Brewer Press Event – Launches the Magellan Integrated Health Home (IHH) program at the Partners in Recovery site in the East Valley bridging the clinics providing SMI services and their FQHC counterparts (see pictures).

Capture2 Behavioral Healthcare Magazine Exclusive – Dennis Grantham feature article “Dispelling the Myths about Suicide” provides the three myths about suicide that Magellan Health has tackled in its Maricopa County contract.


Capture4 Magellan Health National Clinical Excellence – Former President Karen Rohan presented the Arizona team with the top honor for overall excellence and innovation recognizing the MyLife, Outcomes Dashboards and Suicide Care initiatives.

Capture6 Behavioral Healthcare Magazine Exclusive – Dennis Grantham feature article “Magellan, Maricopa Pass Contract Midpoint,” including Provider Outcomes Dashboard for adult Provider Network Organizations for SMI.


Capture5Council of State Governments Innovations – Magellan Health’s MyLife youth advocacy and leadership program selected as an innovations and transferability regional finalist after Western Regional finals in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Capture40Mental Health Weekly – BHL’s Georgia Crisis & Access Line was showcased in the Special Issue, Mental Health Innovations, “GA Crisis System Demonstrates Efficiencies during Challenging Times.”

CaptureBusiness Week Magazine – “How the Government Can Do Good With Less” Award-nominated government programs could become role models in efficiency and constituent services, Crisis & Access Line, State of Georgia.

Capture Harvard Innovations in America Government – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line was a regional finalist, endorsed by Governor Sonny Perdue, and selected from applications submitted from local, state and federal entities nationwide.

Capture37Pew Charitable Trusts – “Hotline Aims to Cut Mental Health Costs” “Even as the recession chips away at services across the country, Georgia’s around-the-clock psychiatric hotline is weathering the storm — and other states are watching closely.”

Capture36NAMI Grading the States – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line was recognized as an innovative practice providing linkage and data-tracking in a comprehensive system of care (2009 Report on America’s Health Care System for Adults with SMI).


Capture35State News Magazine – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line was highlighted on the cover of the annual innovations awards issue, circulated to all state legislators, governors, top elected officials, agency heads, the White House and members of Congress.

Capture34 Council of State Governments Innovations – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line was selected as an innovations and transferability award national winner after the Southeastern Regional finals in Oklahoma City.

Capture33 Clinician’s Research Digest, An APA Journal – Supplemental Bulletin 39, “Improving Access to Behavioral Healthcare Services: The Georgia Crisis & Access Line,” part of a series on research-informed day-to-day clinical practice.

Capture32 CARF “Promising Practice” Newsletter – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line was selected as a model program from over 5,000 accredited agencies as the feature of the inaugural CARF newsletter for behavioral health program best practices.


Capture31 NASMHPD “Brag & Steal” Spotlight – Panel with Georgia Commissioner Gwendolyn Skinner and Lifeline’s Dr. John Draper at the Commissioners Winter Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona (Nationtal Association MH Program Directors).

Capture20SAMHSA Crisis Center Award – BHL was the outstanding crisis center for community engagement in the large call volume category at a gathering of 130 agencies from convened in New Orleans for the first-ever SAMHSA national conference.


2017-01-05_11-06-54Churches That Dared to Change – Featured in and authored cover article in May Plain Truth Magazine on spiritual abuse and psychological trauma. Grace Community International no longer prints, but the 8 million publication was significant at the time.


2018-03-08_10-35-33Crisis Tech 360 (2016 to present) – The innovations above were created in a joint venture of Behavioral Health Link (BHL) and RI International (Recovery Innovations), with proof of concept in ten major crisis facilities across five states.

2016-12-28_21-21-50RI International (2013 to present) – The innovations above were created by Sue Ann Atkerson, Leon Boyko, Charles Browning, Tom Castellanos, Chris Damle, Paul Galdys, Lisa St. George, Sarah Blanka, Joy Brunson Nsubuga, Marleigh O’Meara, Amy Pugsley, Jamie Sellar and many others.

Capture100Magellan Health (2009 to 2013) – The innovations above were created by Karen Chaney, Justin Chase, Richard Clarke, Chris Damle, Paul Galdys, Shareh Ghani, Gabriella Guerra, Michelle Bedinghaus, Shawn Thiele, Gaye Tolman and many others.

10265604_10204207346852038_1414371797563785424_oBehavioral Health Link (2002 to present) – The innovations above were created by Joe Cordero, Gina Gibson, Gregg Graham, Mark Livingston, Wendy Schneider, Pamela Schuble, Allison Trammell and many others.

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