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Schedule for the Action Alliance Crisis Services Task Force. The group will meet every other week from September through December, with the production of the final draft white paper in January 2016.

  1. Introductions & Task Force Sponsors (September 4, 2015) – David Covington and Mike Hogan launch the Action Alliance Crisis Services Task Force
  2. The Framework & Agenda (September 18) – Comments from the Action Alliance (Jason Padgett) and SAMHSA (Richard McKeon), and task force roadmap
  3. Topic 1: Peers & Recovery (October 2) – Living Rooms, peers and new models for crisis alternatives (Steve Miccio) and trauma informed care (Cheryl Sharp)
  4. Topic 2: Air Traffic Control (October 16) – Adaptation of the Milbank integration continuum (David Covington) and Georgia Crisis & Access Line (Wendy Schneider)
  5. Topic 3: Integration with First Responders (November 6) – Harris County 9-1-1 co-location (Barbara Dawson) and CIT-Int’l Board and Phoenix PD (Nick Margiotta)
  6. Topic 4: Community-based Mobile Crisis (November 20) – St. Louis-area BHR model (Bart Andrews) and Centerstone (Becky Stoll)
  7. Topic 5: Safety/Security for Consumers and Staff (December 4) – Speakers to be determined
  8. Topic 6: Pay for Value, Financing and ROI (December 18) – Shift to value-based care/financing (Larry Goldman) and NASMHPD/public-sector (Brian Hepburn)

January 31, 2016 – “Future Crisis Care/Hospital Diversion Systems: What’s Essential?” final draft

March 7 – National Council Magazine special edition on crisis services (Spring Conference at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas)

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