“Recovery Innovations” is now “RI International”

RI Sign 60x32We’ve recently launched a new website, and with it we are introducing a new brand name and will now be known as RI International. We are also highlighting our businesses with four distinct unit brands (Crisis, Health, Recovery and Consulting), and we hope you will explore the content on links for each of these RI International businesses. We’ve undergone an amazing transformation over the past year and now we’re excited to share our new name and identity, which, while retaining some original brand elements, also highlights our areas of significant growth.

In spite of the change to our brand, we wanted to ensure simplicity in our business interactions, so please note the following:

  • Our new brand identities are D/B/As; and our legal names remain Recovery Innovations, Inc. and Recovery Opportunity Center, LLC.
  • All contracts remain in effect with no modifications required.

These changes better reflect our strategic vision, key areas of emphasis, and our international presence. We’re growing to serve you (and our participants) better, by expanding our programs and services in four key business units.                                                                              .
REC-0003-CRISIS-RGBCrisis is our fastest growing area with new programs in Arizona, California, Delaware, North Carolina and Washington State. We’re also enhancing technologies and service lines within our existing array of Recovery Response Centers (Crisis Stabilization Programs), Evaluation & Treatment (Involuntary & Court-ordered Treatment), and Crisis Respites. And, we’re adding capacity through partnerships for “Air Traffic Control” equipped crisis and access call centers, electronic crisis bed inventory systems, community-based mobile crisis teams and high-tech dispatch.

REC-0003-HEALTH-RGB (3)Health is an emerging business that we are implementing first in Arizona through a partnership with primary care. It facilitates individual and group counseling, co-occurring substance abuse programming and illness management and recovery groups. In addition, we provide transitional and permanent supported housing options. We’re in the process of adding clinical, medical, and routine primary care services, creating fully-integrated health homes. These well-rounded services further strengthen our ability to support individuals at risk of suicide, co-occurring substance use disorder, and serious medical conditions including diabetes, COPD and heart disease.
REC-0003-9.10.15-RI-RECOVERY-RGB (2)
Recovery offers peer support services in multiple locations in five states and New Zealand, providing individual and group peer support and recovery education programs. We’re currently expanding our Peer Bridger/Navigator opportunities to ensure successful community transition of our participants after hospitalization or incarceration. We’re also placing an emphasis on measurably demonstrating both the recovery and cost-savings benefits of these programs.

REC-0003-9.10.15-RI-CONSULTING-RGB (2)Consulting provides consulting and training services around the globe. Subject Matter Experts from throughout the organization provide consultation regarding key programs including; next-generation crisis services (including the “Air Traffic Control” functionality and technologies referenced above), transition management, integrated outpatient and peer support, managing a peer workforce, Zero Suicide programming, health and wellness, co-Occurring SUD and BH leadership.

RI Consulting’s Peer/Recovery Support Certification is the most transferrable in the world. In addition to providing consulting and training in nearly every state, we’ve provided services in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Tokyo and throughout the United Kingdom.

Our recent Zero Suicide in Healthcare summit in partnership with IIMHL was the second international gathering of its kind, and it included participation from 13 countries (Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, N. Ireland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the US).


Thank you for your continued partnership and support in our shared and very worthwhile endeavor of empowering others in their efforts toward a healthier life in community.

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