Assembling the Team

3192224-x_menRecovery Innovations is hiring senior executives!

Hannibal Smith’s favorite catch phrase was, “I love it when a plan comes together.” But, the plan only got figured out in each and every episode of The A-Team because first, there was a great group putting their minds and efforts together.

Today’s equivalent is the super hero team. In the juggernaut Marvel series The Avengers, an unlikely group of individuals with a diverse set of special skills come together for a bigger purpose. It’s a tried and true formula. In the blockbuster movie, they form. They norm. They storm. And, ultimately, they kick alien butt. Together.

I’ve had the enormous privilege in my career to participate in and/or lead a number of great teams. We have created exciting innovations that have been widely recognized, and are as diverse as suicide care models and clinical algorithms, recovery pathways and online dashboards, and integrated care linkages and interactive software technologies.

The common themes of these teams:

  • We believed the work and mission were very important.
  • We were collectively committed to creating something special and each of our opinions counted.
  • We were empowered to run and the pace was fast; it felt like a “live fire” range at times.
  • We were pressed to the limits, but the result was rich personal growth and development.
  • We celebrated success.
  • We made great friends in the process. To borrow another First Break All the Rules-ism, there was always a best friend at work and the time flew.

I’m looking for new members to join our team.

In late 2014, RI shifted its organizational structure to better support its five business lines. Three key leadership roles are being added:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Recovery and Clinical Officer
  • Regional Director for the West Coast

The Regional Director for the West Coast will report to the COO and will support RI’s customer relationships with Optum Health in Pierce County, Washington State and behavioral health departments across six California counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Kern, Riverside, San Diego and Ventura). This position will ideally be based in the Seattle metropolitan area or the greater Riverside, California area.

The Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for recovery and outpatient programs nationwide with direct reports including the Senior Project Manager Susan Coleman and the Regional Directors: Marleigh O’Meara, Arizona; Willard Heuser, Delaware; and Ann Holland, North Carolina. While the operations of the crisis facilities will fall under the Chief of Recovery and Crisis Facilities, the Chief Operating Officer and his/her team will also be responsible for all Customer relations, working closely with State, County, and Health Plan leaders across the country. The Chief Operating Officer will also coordinate with new business implementations, risk management, and corporate compliance functions. This position will be based in Phoenix, AZ.

The Chief Recovery and Clinical Officer will lead a consolidated group of learning departments, which currently operate separately. The Recovery Opportunity Center provides recovery and peer supports consultation and training worldwide; The Recovery Education Center equips RI’s citizens; and the RI Learning Team orients new employees who join our nearly 800 strong work force. In addition, this individual will lead the Quality Support Department, who will be tasked with strengthening the integration of recovery, clinical/medical, and programmatic requirements. The Chief Recovery and Clinical Officer will also evaluate how best to introduce a Zero Suicide in Healthcare initiative at RI. This position will be based in Phoenix, AZ.

The Chief Recovery and Clinical Officer will support a team including: Scott Palluck, Chief Quality Support Officer; Marie Gagnon, Chief of Nursing; Arrow Foster, RSA; Lisa St. George, Director of Recovery Practices; Chris Martin, Chief Learning Officer; and Marianne Long, Recovery Champion.

These individuals will join the following exceptional team members who report to me:

  • Randy Little. He serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Company. He assumes CFO responsibilities and manages the corporate support senior leaders: Wendy Ruiz, HR Director; Jeff Norris, Chief Information Officer; Jeannie Wynn, Controller; and Chuck Schultz, Director of Business Operations.
  • Leon Boyko. As Chief of Recovery and Crisis Facilities, Leon leads the Recovery Response Center programs (what funders refer to as “Crisis Stabilization Programs”), which are 24/7 programs across six states. These programs are experiencing significant growth and we expect to double the number of facilities in 2015.
  • Vernon Barksdale, M.D. He is the Chief Medical Officer for the Company.

In addition, Susan Dess, a consultant with Crestline Advisors, advises RI on special projects. These include the selection of an Electronic Health Record, the facilitation of an RFP to sub-contract medical services at the Recovery Response Center in Peoria, new program implementations and a comprehensive, enterprise-wide corporate compliance review using the Marguerite Casey Foundation Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool.

CaptureDownload the new RI organizational structure here. In 2015, RI will complete a formal vision and strategic planning process alongside the comprehensive corporate compliance review, and these activities may offer additional structural recommendations.

If you are interested in learning more about these leadership opportunities at Recovery Innovations, please email

About Recovery Innovations: With recovery programs in six states, including Arizona, California, Delaware, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, Recovery Innovations mission is to create opportunities and environments that empower people to recover, to succeed in accomplishing their goals, and to reconnect to themselves, others, and to meaning and purpose in life. With projected 2015 revenues of $60 million, the Company’s health programs are grouped into advanced crisis, transition management, integrated outpatient and peer supports, and consulting and training.

One thought on “Assembling the Team

  • It’s good to see the passion coming alive again and teams fostering growth with support. Jodie Leer (former RSA Pierce County RRC)

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