Air Traffic Control

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2015-07-03_11-40-02In November 2013, Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds told CNN that he was alive for just one reason: to work for change in mental health. Just a week earlier, his son “Guss” stabbed him 10 times and then ended his own life by suicide. This happened only hours after a mental health evaluation determined that Guss needed more intensive services, but unfortunately, he had to be released from custody before the appropriate services could be found.

If aviation safety simply targeted 99.9% effectiveness, there would be nearly 300 unsafe landings and/or take-offs per day. By contrast, our crisis systems are not utilizing the most basic principles of safety and accountability to ensure individuals do not fall through the cracks. It’s time to stop wringing our hands after tragedies, and re-think next generation crisis systems.

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